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Can your kid doodle?

Google is looking for kids who doodle. There is only one week left to submit to their competition… “Doodle For Google.”

The Google For Doodle website describes the competition as “an annual art contest open to students in grades K-12. Students are invited to create their own Google doodle for the chance to have it featured on Google.com, as well as win some great scholarships and tech packages for their schools.

Google has been hosting the competition for the past 13 years. 2020’s winners can be found here and previous years winners can be found here.

This year’s theme is, “I am Strong Because…”

Google describes this year’s theme:

Strength isn’t only about how fast you can run or how many pushups you can do – it’s also about the strength inside of you.

How do you rise above troubles and keep moving forward in tough times? When you make mistakes or get scared, what helps you clear the clouds above your head? When people around you are feeling down, how do you use your inner strength to lift them up?

Our theme this year invites you to tell us what makes you uniquely strong.”

You only have a week left! Enter a Doodle

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