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Charlotte based church sent email asking for White door greeters, no Blacks

African-American pastor, Makeda Pennycooke of Freedom House Church, is stirring controversy for sending  an email to her congregation seeking new door greeters for Sunday morning service.  She notes in the email that “first impressions mattered”, she wants “the best of the best on …

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KKK leader wants Georgia to secede and become a "Black country"

Jimmy Simmons, president of the Casper, Wyoming, NAACP branch requested to hold a summit with the KKK to have a better understanding of one another, but he never imagined that they would appear. Surprisingly, John Abarr, an organizer of the …

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Tennessee judge forces name change from Messiah to Mark

Two parents of Cocke County, Tennessee, couldn’t agree on the last name of their seven month old child, so they took the issue the court for the judge to decide for them. But while in court the judge overseeing the …

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20-year-old father and his one-year-old son murder

Early Wednesday morning bullets were sprayed into an East Oakland home killing a young 20-year-old father and his one-year-old son.  The San Francisco Gate is reporting that the father and son was asleep in the win bullets entered from the …

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Two brothers smothered to death by escaped python snake

Two brothers from New Brunswick, Canada, ages 5 and 7, were found dead and allegedly smothered by a 15ft African Rock Python that escaped from the pet store below their residence. Connor and Noah Barthe, stayed with their mother in …

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Aftere being labeled an "Uncle Tom," Don Lemon speaks out

Was Lemon’s agreeing remarks with Bill O’Rielly true, and if so, how can we improve the African-American community. But if not, do you think it is okay for the rest of the world community to view African-Americans as the cultural …

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