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No Gay, No Way

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

An online petition has been launched to encourage people to be apart of their effort to persuade Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, to not consider 9 of the 20 remaining cities that are in competition with one another to be the second headquarters of the massive online retailer.

The nine states are:

1. North Carolina

2. Texas

3. Tennessee

4. Virginia

5. Indiana

6. Ohio

7. Pennsylvania

8. Florida

9. Georgia

The city of Atlanta is the location in Georgia that Amazon is considering placing their HQ2 location in.

“We believe that diversity and inclusion are good for our business, but our commitment is based on something more fundamental than that. It’s simply right,” is what Amazon’s diversity statement voices.

The No Gay No Way website argues that the nine states do not provide adequate rights to the LGBT community, and if Amazon moves their employees to any one of the said locations could be very detrimental to the company’s LGBT employees, “it is shocking that Amazon would consider locating HQ2 with its over 50,000 employees in a state that doesn’t protect LGBT people or their families. In these nine states, it is legal to fire someone, deny them housing, or refuse them service just because of who they are or who they love.”




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