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Former Governor Sonny Perdue meets with Trump’s transition team

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2016)

Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue will be meeting with Trump’s transition team.  Rumor has it that Perdue is being considered as the Secretary of Agriculture position, but Perdue would not confirm such rumor.

Perdue was a strong supporter of Trump during his presidential run.  Perdue was instrumental in having Pence visit Perry, Georgia, during the campaign run.  Perdue’s cousin, David Perdue, who serves as a U.S. Senator for Georgia was a supporter of Trump’s campaign by assisting with it in middle Georgia.

David Perdue spoke highly of  Sonny Perdue in an interview Tuesday, “Sonny’s background in business, his medical background, his executive background as a governor make him an ideal choice.  In fact, I think he may be the best choice I know in America to be in that ag position if he gets considered.”

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