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GLAMSOUL: The music of Miranda Nicole

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2016)

Nowadays its hard being an independent musician trying to make a name for themselves.  More and more musicians are choosing to release their music on their own accord instead of dealing with labels, but upon choosing to release their music independently, they must also work to set themselves apart from the others.

Miranda Nicole is unlike any other artist you ever heard of.  She blends the essence of various music genres such as: House, Hip Hip, R&B and more.  Claiming the metro area as her home away from home, Miranda Nicole has spent the past couple of years developing herself with her own unique sound and bringing you some “GLAMSOUL.”

Check out A.T.L. Webmag’s interview with her belong along with her music links.

  1. Describe your style of music

My Music, Brand, and Movement is called GLAMSOUL – which is a term I use to describe the sound and the aesthetic of my music.  It’s a sound birthed from a life filled with music from House to Hip-Hop.

  1. What inspires you?

I am inspired by my life experience and that of my loved ones.  I am a true believer that art should be an imitation of life, reflecting not only our own experiences but that of the world we live in.

  1. I know that you are originally from California. What is your connection to Atlanta?

I am originally from Inglewood, CA. and got to Atlanta through a family migration of sorts… Atlanta, however, is where I have polished myself creatively and it’s the city that has fed me the most.  I look forward to going a long way with the lessons from the land of Atlanta.

  1. Where do you see yourself with your music in five years?miranda-nicole-logo-resized

In five years, I see myself traveling around the world, with residences around the globe, and with a strong global fan base.

  1. What artist of today or yesterday that you would like to collaborate with?  Are there any from Atlanta?

I would love to collaborate with Teedra Moses, Louie Vega, and Pharrell.  In Atlanta, I would love to collaborate with Bryan Micheal Cox, Chris Henderson, and the WERC Crew.


Miranda Nicole will be performing tonight at:

Gallery 992
992 Ralph David Abernathy
Atlanta, Georgia 30310

Social Media Handles : @GLAMSOULSTAR



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