• A random hugs

  • A group of White Power protesters peacefully conversing with Black counter protesters, shaking hands.

  • A Black woman supporting the White Power protesters.

  • General Larry protesting the White Power protesters in front of a group of Georgia correction officers.

  • A group of violent counter protesters provoking the police.

  • Another random hug

  • A small group of White Power supporters.

  • A group of West Coast Choppers giving PG a group hug.

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A hateful rally turns into more of a rally for peace

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2016)

Saturday all metro Atlanta eyes were on Stone Mountain Park during the national publicize White Power Rally. The group, Rock Stone Mountain, applied for a permanent of 4,000 participants, but throughout the day a total estimated was no more than 50.

Hundreds of counter rally supporters of various groups such as: Stop Atlanta, Rise Up Georgia, Unified Colors and surprisingly various local gang affiliated organizations.

Too many stories of abrupt violence had been reported by many media outlets, not the truth of how these organizations united together to fight racism. An old college roommate, Praise-God Ekhaesomhi, who is originally from Nigeria, and myself decided to join the counter rallies with American flags in our hands. Praise-God (yes, that is his REAL name), who family and friends call, “PG,” for short, decides to wear a “free hugs” t-shirt. I can’t count how many times that we were stopped by people of various attending organizations giving us both hugs and commending us for carrying the American Flag during our protest. Yes, there was violence at the counter rally, but there was much more acts of peace that was easily overlooked.


Yes, there was violence at the counter rally, but there were much more countless acts of peace that was easily overlooked by mainstream media.  It is amazing how so many people of various backgrounds and viewpoints can come together and understand one another to unite against a much greater enemy… prejudice.

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