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Leading the national “kush” cultural with Kushington Budz III

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2016)

Nowadays marijuana is becoming a topic of interest for many, from medical professionals trying to use it for medicinal purposes and to politicians proposing new laws to legalize it throughout the United States for recreational usage and more.

Marijuana has always been known as a controversial drug, but for Atlanta resident Manuel, wants to use marijuana in a different manner from others by educating the public of its misconception of it over the years. Originally, from Chicago, Illinois, Manuel initially began his career as a barber with artistic skills drawing conceptual characters. Drawing since he was in elementary school, the art form was like second nature to him.

While working in a barbershop in Chicago, Manuel’s clientele was smoking advocates that often spoke publicly about the misconceptions about marijuana. The group of barbers and clientele would only advise to smoke a higher grade of marijuana called “kush” and not the lower grade often referred to as “mid.” One day Manuel decided to create a character that he wanted to present to his friends as a public image to represent his knowledge of educating others about marijuana, he named him, “Kushington Budz III.”

Kushington Budz III was designed to look like a snob, someone who was too good to smoke any mid, he only preferred kush.kushinto budz III_resized“I wanted him to look like a snob so I drew my own indication of what a snob looked like. I gave him dreads with a Bohemian look,” says Manuel.

“At the time I was buying a lot of t-shirts from Foot Locker when they were having the 5 for $20 sale. So I had a lot of t-shirts lying around that I didn’t know what to do with,” says Manuel. “I then decided to put Kushington Budz III on the t-shirt and sell them.”


Since then Kushington Budz III has been a growing figure in the community of smoking advocates that supports the legalization of marijuana. In 2011, Manuel left his profession as a barber and focused full-time on establishing DA SNOB Clothing.

Not only is Burley is managing DA SNOB clothing line, he is currently working with various politicians to decriminalize marijuana in the city of Atlanta and possibly the state. Manuel says, “in cities like Chicago and New York City, if you are caught with more than the legal amount, you simply get a ticket and that’s it. The government realizes that there are many other pressing issues to pursue with taxpayers’ money than marijuana.”

However, when asked about the younger generation and their embracing today’s growing marijuana culture because of their favorite celebrities and close friends are doing it. He says, “I don’t think we credit today’s kids as being as smart as they really are. Today’s kids are a lot smarter than we were growing up.”

Manuel wants to be able to educate children as well when it comes to the use of marijuana, but he strongly believes that education should first start at home with parents. “Just like alcohol and cigarettes, kids should be taught not to be involved with marijuana for recreation usage until their legal age limit and know the proper responsibility of managing it,” says Manuel.

Manuel is striving to be the cultural leader in educating the public about marijuana and its history within the United States. Did you know that marijuana used to be the #1 cash crop of the United States during the 1920s? There is so much history behind marijuana and Manuel wants to be the one to educate others about it.

Beginning in March Manuel will be starting a one month Kickstarter campaign as an effort to raise funds for his DA SNOB clothing line. His goal is to raise a $10k to manufacture a small line of clothing and merchandise.

snob clothing_resized

You can find out more about Manuel and DA SNOB Clothing at: www.dasnob.com.

You can also follow him under the following social media accounts:

Twitter @Kushingtonbudz

Facebook @Kushingtonbudzii

Instagram @ Kushingtonbudzii

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