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Google brings Fiber to metro Atlanta

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2015)

Google announced Tuesday that is will be bringing its gigabit per second internet service to metro Atlanta.

The cities of Atlanta, Decatur, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Avondale Estates, East Point, College Park, Hapeville, and Smyrna will be the first within the metro community to receive the service. Google initially made the announcement last year in February, but no follow ups have been made until now.

Service has not been projected when it may be available nor, how much it may be as well. Google will build the network all over the nine announced cites, but will build it based on demand.

Google Fiber’s Business Operations Chief, Kevin Lo, refused to elborate to the Atlanta Business Chronicle about when the service may be available.

“Building a brand new fiber-optic network is a really big job,” Lo said on the call. “We need to build thousands of miles of fiber…in the Atlanta area. We expect this process to take many months.”

According to Google’s Fiber website, service is currently available in Austin, TX, for $130 a month for a combine service of internet and tv, $70 a month for tv or you can elect to receive free basic internet service with a $300 connection fee.

AT&T and Comcast is currently working to deploy similar internet services to the metro community as well, but not word on when they expect to begin service.

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