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The Gaby Douglas Story

The Gabby Douglas Movie

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2014)

Before 2012, it was hard for many of today’s generation of children to find a positive role model in public figures to follow, someone that they can relate to and perhaps have shared their same trials and tribulations as every generation did before.   But in 2012 during the Summer Olympic Games in London, an African-American teenager by the name of, Gabrielle Douglas, emerged to make history to become the first African-American to ever win the Individual All-Around competition, and  first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics.

Lifetime Television has produced an original film based on the life and accomplishments of Douglas.  Saturday night Allied Faith & Family partnered with the downtown co-working space, Opportunity Hub 200, to have a private screening of, The Gabby Douglas Story.”

The screening environment at the Opportunity Hub 200 was filled with invited families, churches, community organizations and more waiting to see the film and use it to initiate conversation among those close to them. The film stars, Imani Hakim (former costar of “Everybody Hates Chris”), as the older teenage Gabby and, Regina King (costar of “Ray”, “Boys In The Hood”, “Enemy of The State”, and more), as Gabby’s mother, Natalie Hawkins, and with Gabby herself narrating and appearing in the film as well.

The film gives a dramatic visual of Gabby’s life from birth to the very moment of winning her 2012 Summer Olympic gold in London.  Like many of today’s families, Gabby and her family experienced multiple hardships: financial, physical and more, but Gabby’s mother raised her four kids to be strong and to never give up on their dreams no matter their current position in life because tomorrow is another day to do something different to change who we are and to help become the person that we want to be.  The family had a motto that they were constantly reminded of,”today should always be better than yesterday,” and created a vision board of images of their goals to hang up on their wall and to also remind them of the rewards of hard work, commitment and prayer.

The Gabby Douglas Story is a great film to sit and watch with the family, and story that we all can perhaps learn from in one way or another.  The film airs on the Lifetime Network and check your local listings for airing times.

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