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The Bryant Preparatory Institute

Rev. Peter James Bryant and Sylvia Jenkins Bryant

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2014)

As the nation takes time to celebrate Black History Month of our national heroes, we at A.T.L. Webmag is taking the time to do things a little different this month, by recognizing local Atlanta residents of past and present that has made history on a local and/or international level.  Some of these people are civil rights leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and more.  Even some you may have never known about.

These next few weeks we hope that you will join us as we published a different person each day to celebrate our history as metropolitan Atlanta residents this Black History Month.

We start with recognizing two of the most important figures of metropolitan Atlanta’s Black History that you perhaps never heard of, and their names were Rev. Peter James Bryant and Sylvia Jenkins Bryant.

The Rev. Bryant was the pastor over Wheat Street Baptist Church at the time, and they both ran what local African-American residents of Auburn Ave knew as, “Bryant Preparatory Institute,” a school for older African-Americans that wanted to learn how to read and write.  In 1910 the Bryants had opened the institute because education at the time for African-Americans stopped at 8th grade.

Mrs. Bryant taught courses in math, reading, writing, and Mr. Bryant taught classes to those that were interested in becoming a pastor.  This very same very institute helped the father of Martin Luther King Jr to read and write, and instill the importance of an education to MLK himself.

The marker in this picture sits in front of the location on Auburn Ave where the institute once sat.

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  1. I was moved by the article about Rev. Peter James Bryant. My daughter is the 7th generation of this great man. She is 11 years old and has a spirit that puts me in the mind of what I have read about this great man. Google her talk show Chat with Charity Show and you will see for yourself.

    Again, Thank you
    Della Fischer

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