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The Braves are leaving, but Hank Aaron will still be there… Hopefully?!?!?!

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2013)

The biggest news to hit Atlanta so far this week was the announcement that the Atlanta Braves are leaving downtown area for the burbs of Cobb County.  If there is no further use for Turner Field most likely it will be demolished and prepared for some type of mixed-used development.

But our question is what about Hank Aaron Drive, will that continue to be what it is now, recognizing Atlanta’s biggest sports legend?  During the redevelopment of the Olympic Stadium 1996-97 to turn it into a ballpark  for the Braves, there was discussions about what the Braves were going to name it.  Some thought that they should honor Ted Turner by naming it what it is now, “Turner Field” and there were some that thought it should be named after Hank Aaron, Major League Baseball’s home run king.

Eventually the people who wanted to name it after Turner won, and the people who fought for Aaron was won over by renaming a portion of Capital Avenue that is Turner Field’s street address into “Hank Aaron Drive.”

After all the numeric address of Turner Field is “755” based on Aaaron’s previous record of 755 home runs.  When the Braves move to Cobb will they continue to recognize Aaron with a portion of the stadium dedicated to him as they did with the 755 Club Level at Turner Field?

We are not only losing Turner Field, but we are also losing the recognition of Atlanta’s biggest sports hero.


Photo Credits: AP Photo/John Amis

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