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Photo courtesy of Dee Dee Cocheta.
Dee Dee and her husband, Juan, with 6 of our 7 children taken 7/18 at "FIGHT LIGHT A GIRL FUNDRAISER" at Apache Cafe

A Wholistic Approach to Healthy Living

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2014)

I first met Dee Dee Cocheta around 2002 or 2003 when I was about 23 or 24 years-old, and I was working for the Urban-America Filmmaker’s Workshop as the personal assistant to Vanessa A. Williams.  The producers of the workshop recognized me during their closing ceremonies for my hard work and as an up and coming screenwriter, and awarded me with a free copy of the Final Draft screenwriting software.  Later on that evening Dee Dee approached me and introduced herself as a local publicist that works with many local major and independent artists.

Since then whenever I have a marketing related business idea, Dee Dee has been one of the people that I can turn to for advice and sound opinions on helping me develop them.  Recognized by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the “maestro of marketing,” Dee Dee has devoted over 20 years to the metropolitan Atlanta community and beyond. She has helped major and independent recording labels, filmmakers, award shows, concerts, festivals and more fighting an uphill marketing battle.

But now Dee Dee is fighting an uphill battle of her own, a battle with breast cancer that has caused her to step back from her regular line of work and redirect her personal attention to seek better health through what some may consider an unnatural way of doing things.

Having seven children and three grandchildren that resulted from a beautiful ongoing marriage of 24 years, Dee Dee has more than enough stories to share about her career, family and friends.  Indigenous to the Yakama and Puyullap Indian tribes, Dee Dee had the childhood goal of becoming the first in her family to receive a college education.  Originally from Portland, Oregon, Dee Dee Cocheta transferred to Clark Atlanta University as a junior to major in marketing.

Diagnosed in October of 2012 with stage two of breast cancer, Dee Dee has decided to go about treating her diagnoses with holistic treatment, not the traditional means of chemotherapy.  Dee Dee explains, “wholistic/natural medicine span has been around for hundreds of thousands years in eastern civilization cultures, since beginning of time and thus why it’s called natural.  There are actually seven different colleges in North America that teaches the medical practice.”

After my interview with Dee Dee I spent some time researching wholistic medicine and found out that the seven colleges that Dee Dee spoke of is:

1. Bastyr University (Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California)

2. Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (New Westminster, British Columbia)

3. Canadian College of Naturopathic (Toronto, Ontario)

4. National College of Natural Medicine (Portland, Oregon)

5. National University of Health Sciences (Lombard, Illinois)

6. Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Tempe, Arizona)

7. University of Bridgeport (College of Naturopathic Medicine [Bridgeport, Connecticut]).

All of the listed colleges are accredited by the Council of Naturopathic Medical Education and awards a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) degree.

Dee De has previously faced a cancer battle before with her mother, a battle which was lost due to the treatment of chemotherapy, “my mom’s death was a real eye opener, and it helped prepare me to learn more about western and eastern civilization medicine,” says Dee Dee.

Ralph Walter Moss, an advocate for alternative medicines and a former writer for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is quoted by Natural News, “If cancer specialists were to admit publicly that chemotherapy is of limited usefulness and is often dangerous, the public might demand a radical change in direction—possibly toward unorthodox and nontoxic methods, and toward cancer prevention.”

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment risk side effects such as hair loss and possibly death, and just like any other health treatment, the results are not guaranteed.  Dee Dee says the cost of chemotherapy can be expensive as well, “$60,000 per injection for a period of six months”.

Within the past year Dee Dee has relocated back to the Portland, Oregon, and returns frequently to Atlanta to handle business related matters.  She has gained the support of the local arts community who has hosted various fundraisers in her honor.

Not only is she on a mission to heal this cancer diagnosis, she is also on a mission to help educate others about cancer and their options to receive treatment, “I am becoming an advocate to teach people about holistic treatments.  Trust in the healing power that God has given us,” says Dee Dee.

Dee Dee says she finds herself enjoying life more by exercising more meditates and is taking yoga classes.  Her entire family has become proactive with her to live a much healthier lifestyle and is now eating smaller portions compared to the large portions of food that they once ate in addition to eating more vegetables and fruits as Dee Dee strictly eating 100% organic and is a raw vegan.

A.T.L. Webmag would like to wish Dee Dee well with her holistic cancer treatment and provide her our support as much as we can.  If you would like to learn more about Dee Dee, you can visit her personal blog at:


If you would like to make a donation to help with holistic cancer treatment, you are welcome to visit:


In addition, the following comments below are statements from individuals within Atlanta’s arts and entertainment community who would like to share their support for Dee Dee as well.




Shameka Gumbs

Founder of the Atlanta HipHop Film Festival

Since the day I met Dee Dee Cocheta, she displayed the essence of a Warrior Queen. This was in the early 2000’s and she was holding down her own PR firm, organizing HipHop week on the board of NABFEME Atlanta and holding down her family as a wife and dedicated mother. I was in total awe of how she did it ALL and did it all so well. So when it came time for me to organize my team for The Atlanta HipHop Film Festival, I just knew Dee Dee had to be involved. In its first inception she was just on board as an advisor, but if you know Dee Dee just and advisor is not suitable for her…this Queen likes to put in work so she developed and produced our closing Award Shows! I remember after the first show she called me late in the night just hyped up about the huge accomplishment that she had a stamp on.  I’m like, “Dee Dee we just worked our tails off.  Go to bed.” But not her, she was already thinking about ideas for the next show…lol. That is the Dee Dee I know…no matter what comes her way she maintains a positive attitude, full of life, never quits and beats all odds! That’s why I KNOW she is going to beat this monster called cancer! She is still remaining strong and encouraging others along the way. The fact that she is going the natural route is a huge inspiration and is going to be her testimony.  This journey is beyond her.  The Most High is utilizing her to reach the masses in an unconventional way.  The Warrior Queen will continue to reign!


PS… Oh and please wrap your arms around her for me.




Aneesah Bray
I have known DeeDee since 2005 while we were both on the board for the first annual Atlanta hip hop film festival. I met her and her beautiful family during that time. She and i got a chance to spend many many hours together watching movies for the festival. We also got a chance to spend person time together with our families. Bone Crusher and have 5 kids and Dee Dee and Juan have 7. When i was going through my divorce, Dee Dee was a rock for me. She and i shared stories and experiences that got me through that time. I love Dee Dee as a woman, friend and sister.

PS… I’m on a juice fast in honor of her.


Kandis Knight
Dee Dee has been a light an inspiration for me for many years. She and I go way back, most people do not know that. She is an amazing woman and she masters all the realms of her life; family, career, love, philanthropy, spirituality. I do not know many as well rounded as she is. I love my sister, she is a “Supernova…Gemini….love vibration…” and she continues to bless us.


Rahiem Shabazz of Rasha Entertainment

Dee Dee is a consummate business woman known throughout the PR world for her tenacious drive and dedication to her clients.


Ronda Racha Penrice

Dee Dee has never been anything but giving. If there is any way she can help you, she absolutely will. With her, it has never been about what she can get from you. Her spirit is very lovely. That’s why you see the outpouring of love as she battles this deadly disease. She is truly genuine and has many, like myself, standing with her and praying for her because she would do no less for any of us.


Carlos Coleman

CEO of CFOX Productions

My message to Dee Dee is keep on fighting and know that you are in my prayers. Thanks for your contributions to the Atlanta Arts & Entertainment. I love you for your great works and stay strong.







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